Boot Camp and Weight Loss

  Although Extreme Circus Bootcamp isn’t technically targeting weight loss, the more you work out with our team the more pounds you will shed. It’s inevitable! You can’t work out the way that we do and not get fit. Thanks to our high-intensity interval training... read more

Circuit Training: September Excercises

Every couple of months or so we switch up our exercises so that you don’t get bored of the circuit. Unlike most circuit training programs you won’t find your typical leg raises or push ups. Not only do we incorporate the trampoline as a warm up but our exercises will... read more

Training for the Badass Dash

Preparation Timeline When our team started signing up for the Dash we were pretty excited to have so many of us running. Since most of the regular Extreme Circus Bootcamp attendees train regularly as well as come to our class at least twice a week, we all thought... read more

The BEST Boot Camp Exercises

If you show up to Extreme Circus Bootcamp expecting a type of circuit that includes machines you can find at the gym then you’re in for a big surprise. It’s all in the name! We incorporate a lot of circus-centered exercise but have no fear everyone can do them. Even... read more

The 5 Benefits of Circuit Training

Do you find it hard to drag yourself to the gym in the mornings or after work? Working out alone isn’t fun and it can even be demoralizing when you head to the gym and have to plan another aspect of your day. Circuit training fixes all of those problems! With a good... read more