Health and Nutrition Counseling with Alexis Asher

We are so happy to say that we have found a wonderful health coach within our own ECB community, Alexis Asher! Losing weight, staying in shape, and achieving your fitness goals, are not just about working out, it is also about what you are putting into your body as... read more

New Year’s Resolutions and Beyond

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How To Make them Work… Do you think the time for New Years Resolutions have come and gone? Not at all, in fact we shouldn’t stick to one date to “change our lives.” We should choose to make changes... read more

Winter Workout Slump

Pumpkin spice lattes, crock-pot dinners and evenings snuggled on the couch are in full swing. That unfortunately means the winter workout blues will be in full effect as well. We all know it is easier to stay home and skip that workout but in the long run we are only... read more

80’s Day

To celebrate Halloween come to our 80’s costume day at Extreme Circus Bootcamp. We will have prizes for the best dressed male and female of your class. No additional purchase necessary, use the package you already... read more

Extreme Abs Boot Camp

Have you ever just glanced at someone’s abs and thought “Wow?” Of all the muscles to grow, abs are probably the sexiest. Who doesn’t love a chocolate bar or a six pack? The thing with your midriff is that if you stop showing it some love then it will give up on you.... read more

Mission: Summer Body

Summer bodies are made in the winter. Before it’s dayclub and barbeque season again, you had better get your workout routine down. The problem is that after Thanksgiving it can be hard to find the motivation to go Christmas shopping as well as hit the gym after work.... read more

Cirque Audition Ready

  We’re only a couple of months away from some of the biggest auditions in the showbiz industry. Whether you’ve gone through these before or are just starting out as a performer you will have to have your workout routine down. In an audition there are a few... read more

6 Tips to Avoid the Winter Workout Blues

As the days get shorter and colder not only will it be hard to find the motivation to go to work but you may also find yourself skipping workouts. You start asking yourself “Is it even worth it?” or even saying “I’ll just eat less to compensate.” Unfortunately, all... read more

Diet and Boot Camp

If your goal is to lose weight or change your body’s appearance then working out isn’t the only thing you should implement into your daily routine. You’ve probably heard that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% working, that’s because it’s the truth! What you put into... read more