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Alexis Asher

We are so happy to say that we have found a wonderful health coach within our own ECB community, Alexis Asher! Losing weight, staying in shape, and achieving your fitness goals, are not just about working out, it is also about what you are putting into your body as fuel. 

Alexis Asher attended the Integrative Institute of Nutrition graduating in 2008 as a certified health coach.  She believes in the power of eating “real” food as oppose to “dieting.”  As a former professional rock-climber and member of the USA climbing team, and as a professional boxer and amateur NY state Golden Gloves champion and Nationals runner-up, Alexis had to cut weight regularly.  Prior to her studies at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, she developed an unhealthy but all too common relationship with food: “binging” followed by over exercising.  Alexis decided to gain control of her own eating and eventually become a health coach to help others facing a similar struggle, or anyone wanting to improve their fitness and diet.  Alexis is very excited to join the “Extreme Circus Bootcamp” team, and looks forward to making those around her healthier and happier.

We are so happy to have her onboard!

Please contact her via email to learn more about her services: