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Pumpkin spice lattes, crock-pot dinners and evenings snuggled on the couch are in full swing. That unfortunately means the winter workout blues will be in full effect as well. We all know it is easier to stay home and skip that workout but in the long run we are only hurting ourselves. Mouth-watering food, one too many holiday parties and cocktails a plenty can send you in the opposite direction from what you worked for most of the year. Here are a few tips to keep you motivate this season:

1. Don’t say you’ll get to the gym, get up and go to the gym. The hardest part is getting there, so just do it.

2. Get yourself some new swag. Yes, if you need a long sleeved thermal or a new hoodie to get yourself motivated to get to the gym by all means buy it! If that is the small investment you make in your health this season, it is totally worth it!

3. Be accountable. Grab a buddy. There is nothing worse than letting your friend down on a workout because you simply want to be lazy. Hold each other accountable for your workout goals. If you don’t have a buddy on the same schedule there are great apps like Pact. Check it out, you make money if others don’t stick to their workout pact.

4. Remember that summer body you worked so hard for? Why let it all go and have to work that hard again when spring rolls around. And, here in Las Vegas the pools open in March so we have no excuse to let ourselves fall completely off the workout wagon. Think how great you will feel when you can fit back into those same shorts or feel great in your bathing suit.

5. Have fun! Working out doesn’t have to be a drag. Try something new. Who knows you might just find a workout you never knew you loved. If you laughed at least once during your workout, most likely you had fun, keep it up.

Winter although fun, can be a difficult season in the workout world. Make small changes this winter so you can feel your best when spring rolls around. So come join us and make the best of your winter workout.

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