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Get ready for cirque auditions with ECB


We’re only a couple of months away from some of the biggest auditions in the showbiz industry. Whether you’ve gone through these before or are just starting out as a performer you will have to have your workout routine down. In an audition there are a few stages that you have to go through. The primary being a physical audition that tests your endurance, strength and stamina. Most people will get cut during this trial because they either didn’t prepare properly or didn’t take the time to prepare. Extreme Circus Bootcamp has a specific program that gets you ready for the audition.

Dedication to Training

You may be in good physical shape to begin with but in order to pass the initial Cirque audition you will need much more. It will be important to stick with a dedicated training plan that gets you in the BEST physical shape for the audition. Luckily the owner and leader of Extreme Circus Bootcamp has gone through many Cirque auditions himself and knows exactly how to test your physical strengths. If you come four times a week for two months prior to the audition, with that kind of dedication you are guaranteed to get through the first round.

Food, food and more food

You’ve probably heard it before and you’ll hear it again but nutrition is important. You can work out all you want but if you’re not fueling your body with the right nutrients and at the right times then you will not be rewarded. It really is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Don’t get us wrong we love exercise but it’s just as important to eat those veggies and protein.

R & R

If you hurt yourself during a training don’t just blow it off and go for an early morning run the next day. Listening to your body is going to be important. Trust us, you’re going to be sore after our workouts but if it feels more than just a regular sore muscle make sure to get some rest and have an Epsom salt bath.

If you come and train with us 4 times a week for two months you will pass the physical audition. This is conditional to your initial physical health as well as your ideas on proper nutrition.