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Don't let the cold stop you from working out!

As the days get shorter and colder not only will it be hard to find the motivation to go to work but you may also find yourself skipping workouts. You start asking yourself “Is it even worth it?” or even saying “I’ll just eat less to compensate.” Unfortunately, all those hot summer bodies you saw at the beach a couple of months ago were started during the holiday season. This is the time that you need to be working harder and eating better. Follow our simple tips and you’ll never skip a winter workout session.


Set an alarm…. Or two

If you have a smartphone chances are you’ll be able to set a customized alarm. So, instead of it saying “alarm” you can make it say something like “Come on!!! Do you want that 6 pack or what?!?” Sometimes one alarm isn’t enough, so consider setting two or as many as you might need in order to get your butt out of bed and into the gym.

Too Cold?

Don’t be ridiculous! If it’s too cold then buy long-sleeve shirts and long pants to workout in. Better yet, just pile on the layers and consider investing in thermal workout clothing.

Workout Buddies

Not only is it more fun to workout with someone but they can also hold you accountable. If one of you doesn’t feel like working out it’s the others’ job to motivate you or even peer pressure you into going. Think of it more as hanging out than a work out.

Update Those Beats

When your playlist feels blah, so will your workout and your motivation. Create yourself a brand new playlist full of songs that make you feel pumped up and maybe even consider using some of them as your alarm ringtone.

Drop the Junk

Coming home from work after a long day and you don’t want to cook. Don’t turn to your best friend, McDonald’s. Getting good nutrients in your body will help you sleep better which will in turn make it easier for you to get up in the morning and head to the gym.

New Workouts

Had enough of the same workout routine? Treadmill, to weights, to stretching? Yeah, we’d get bored of that too. Switch it up once in a while. Try an antigravity yoga class or come to Extreme Circus Bootcamp!