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How much boot camp can help with weight loss

Although Extreme Circus Bootcamp isn’t technically targeting weight loss, the more you work out with our team the more pounds you will shed. It’s inevitable! You can’t work out the way that we do and not get fit. Thanks to our high-intensity interval training exercises you get the much-needed cardio as well as strength building. No, you won’t have to take any crazy pills or do some weird carb-replacing diet. Just come and try out our crazy workout style, get addicted and see what happens:

Sweat It Out

That’s right, the first week, you’re probably going to be practically swimming in your own sweat by the time you finish the two rounds of circuit training. We’re not talking Bikram yoga style, but close enough. As they say “Sweat is just your fat crying,” so make it cry harder!

What Will Get Toned?

Everything! We’re not joking on this one. You’ll notice that the boot camp exercises target your core, arms, legs, glutes and even your back. Nothing is left out. In our circuit, the eleven stations usually provide a good balance between all the targeted areas. The incorporation of cardio with resistance training equals a full body workout. We expect you’ll have a hard time getting out of bed the morning after your first training session with us.

How Many Times a Week?

If you’re really looking to shed some pounds, then we suggest starting with twice a week. Try and space out your workouts so that you can have some time to recover as well. However, if you have a hard time adjusting to the workout routine you can start out with once a week and work your way up from there.

You may come to class and be intimidated by our veteran boot campers, but you should know that a lot of them started out as unmotivated as you may feel right now. The first step is getting your butt to class and we’ll do the rest for you. After a few workouts with us, you’ll soon realize that we’re a fun bunch of workout maniacs who love to support each other. Come and join the Extreme Circus Bootcamp family today and lose weight while having fun.