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Every couple of months or so we switch up our exercises so that you don’t get bored of the circuit. Unlike most circuit training programs you won’t find your typical leg raises or push ups. Not only do we incorporate the trampoline as a warm up but our exercises will keep you guessing.

Circuit training exercises for September

Tire Flipping

Ah, the good ‘ol tire flip exercise. Wait? What?! That’s right, we said tire flipping. You have to squat all the way down and grab the 20lb tire by your fingertips. From there you should explode your hands to the sky sending the tire flying forward. Not only does this work your legs and glutes but you’ll also get an arm workout out of it.

Lyra Training

The Lyra is basically a hoop that is hanging from the ceiling. When you watch someone maneuver themselves around one of these it may seem easy but just trying to hold on to this thing while it spins is a feat in itself. During the circuit, we have you spin the hoop while holding on for dear life with both hands. For the more experienced boot camper, you’ll find them hanging on with one hand or bringing their knees to their chest.

Skin the Cat

Working with shoulder flexibility as well as crazy core strength, this exercise will get you strong in no time. You will stick your hands in through the smaller loops and out the larger side. From there your legs will go up in the air and behind you as if you were doing a candlestick position. The hard part is bringing your legs back over your head with control.

If you’re interested in switching up your workout consider joining our boot camp. We’re not your regular circuit training program. You’ll learn how to climb silks, jump on a trampoline and even how to squat properly. All of this with a motivational coach showing you everything along the way.