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How we trained for the badass dash

Preparation Timeline

When our team started signing up for the Dash we were pretty excited to have so many of us running. Since most of the regular Extreme Circus Bootcamp attendees train regularly as well as come to our class at least twice a week, we all thought that all we needed was a little bit of extra training. As you can see we introduced; running, leg-intensive exercises and three rounds into the circuit in order to prepare ourselves.

BadAss Dash Timeline



The caveats

On the day of the Dash we more ready than most yet there were still a bunch of obstacles that took us by surprise. Prior to the race we knew that there would be wall jumps, what we didn’t expect is for them to be 8 feet tall and come right after a bunch of other SUPER hard obstacles. We made through the 10 wall obstacle but some of us were shattered after and wished we could have had a red bull on hand.

What we learned

After the dash, we reevaluated our training methods and decided to incorporate more of the obstacles so that we could be prepared in future. We’ve kept the trampoline warm up and still have the silk climb, but now you’ll find that wall jumps are part of the regular circuit. How many times can you jump over that wall in one minute?