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The BEST Boot Camp Exercises

If you show up to Extreme Circus Bootcamp expecting a type of circuit that includes machines you can find at the gym then you’re in for a big surprise. It’s all in the name! We incorporate a lot of circus-centered exercise but have no fear everyone can do them. Even if you have no previous dance or circus training it will be easy for you to pick up the exercises. Here are a couple broken down for you:

Trampoline Time

Unlike the trampoline that you can find in the millions of backyards across America, this one will be a lot bouncier when you first get on it. If it’s your first class we will start you off with simple straight up and down jumps with arm circles. The more advanced you get the more fun stuff you get to learn like wall walking, flipping and more.

Tissue Climb

Although it may be similar to climbing a rope there is still a technique that you should employ. Again, if it’s your first class we’ll start you off lying on your back and using your hands to pull yourself up until you’re in a bridge position. By your third or fourth time with the camp you will learn to wrap and climb the tissue until you get to the top.

Trapeze Swing/Hang

Never even touched a trapeze? Don’t worry we won’t make you front flip off of it just yet. The first couple of sessions we’ll just ask you to hang for a full minute in order to get a feeling for the grip. After that you will graduate to pro status and start swinging or doing leg raises.

Other than these circus-centered exercises we also incorporate a lot of traditional exercises like the one-legged squat, bosu pushups, and burpees. If this sounds like a lot of fun then give us a call today at 702.768.8133 to try your first class.