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CIRCUS BOOTCAMP LAS VEGAS – What makes Circus Bootcamp awesome? We mix it up, and keep your body, emotion, and mind surprised. We use Old World circus apparatus – great for concentration, strength and agility – and combine this in new ways with Chinese acrobatics, gymnastics, aerobics, overall strength training, and circuit training. You get personal guidance in group classes or private training. Fitness Made Fun For Everyone!!!


You want results? David can give them to you. He’s wonderful, he’ll giggle through your pain with you and when you’re worked hard enough he’ll bring you a juice pouch while you lay on the floor… I mean… I don’t wanna admit I laid on the floor like a big baby, but I did exactly that. And it was great.

Karlee K


I take the 7am monday class and love it! I am definitely a BEGINNER  but they have so many options for me all the way to the pros 🙂 this is a fun way to switch up the usual work out and get SWEATY! !

Kelly M


Being able to do amazing things that you haven’t been able to do before, is an incredible feeling. I know because every time I come to class I’m learning something new. With the great instructors at this place, you’ll get in the best shape of your life, all while having fun. Every friend I’ve ever invited to try a class Loves this place.

Jason L


Talk about a killer work out!!! This class is fantastic! Every class is different, fun and exciting. We just did 30 minutes of trampoline conditioning, learning new skills each week. After that, we did one minute interval trainings, covering everything from wall jumps to push ups, to pull ups to rope climbs to one legged squats to tire flips… You name it!!!

Nat W